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PeekaBoo Coffee 12oz

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Known for the dark roast, this coffee is sourced from Puerto Rico and is a flavorful choice. It’s made from a natural blend of fronton and limani, and is made from 100% Arabica Fronton Beans. It’s a washed coffee blend that offers a more natural flavor, making it a promising choice for people who want Latin undertones in their coffee.

PeekaBoo Coffee is also available in medium roast with almond and chocolate notes, promising a delicious coffee-drinking experience. For everyone looking for a delicious and strong brew that’s smooth but never bitter, these coffee beans will be the perfect choice for you. The beans are sourced from San Sebastian, which promises a unique flavor.

So, if you are ready to enjoy a nutty-flavored coffee, it’s time to add it to the cart!

  • Medium and dark roast
  • Almond and chocolate notes
  • Strong brew
  • Smooth texture
  • Natural flavors